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CovrEdge provides business solutions for product service management. It’s functionality supports managers for service activity and effective customer processing. Pricing, costing, inventory routing, and spare parts can be automated so that hardly any additional support is required. It also helps to manage the complaint workflow and return authorizations, to shorten the return cycle and reduce cost. CovrEdge can help clients maintain high levels of customer satisfaction all through a mobile app.


With just a barebones app and little to no branding, I was approached by the CEO and CMO of Intrigo Systems to aid in the marketing efforts for the native app. This included a whole revamp of the brand, to actual hard coding the landing page for potential leads.


Creating a Memorable Identity

The Process:

Before any sketching, I decided it was best to scrap the original name “E-Serv”. After intense brainstorming,I concluded the platform could be summed up in one word: “coverage” – providing coverage for major product service managers and giving such managers the “edge” over their competitor.

Coverage + Edge = CovrEdge

With a brand name and style guide locked down, I could now send the style sheet to developers to dress up the
application in development while the CMO and I focused on the landing page and marketing.

The Challenge

First we needed to breakdown the current landing page that was a complete User Interaction nightmare.
No navigational focus, misuse of Web Elements, too much color, information overload… the list went on


The Results

Apply strong User Interaction theory as well as a simplify the content layout into an easy to navigate user-friendly One-page site. Including, lessening the palette to 2 colors-only from our style guide to make viewing the page easier on the users eyes. It was also a necessity that users (ultimately, our potential leads) be able to contact the team with ease; a simple, inherent contact form was added that would go on to do wonders for sales.